Billy Porter

Billy Porter


sBilly had a background of drugs, sex, alcohol, and a junkie lifestyle. He was an outlaw biker and Billy did what he wanted to do.  There was no doubt that he led a prideful life; in his mind, he knew more about everything than you knew about anything.

After many failed relationships, and raising a four year-old boy in a biker and junkie lifestyle by himself, and after trying to quit drugs in his own will-power many times, he finally gave the hard core drugs to Christ.  Praise God, He took them and Billy was delivered.

Once God took the hard core drugs, He took that demon of Loneliness from Billy.  Then He delivered Billy of alcohol and pot. God showed Billy how much He loves him, so Billy was able to love himself and others.

Then God placed within Billy a boldness to share Christ with people, and now Billy knows what a truly righteous high is.   Now He is Billy’s Everything