Jessica Cain

Jessica Cain

Nursery Director


Jessica was born in Webster, Texas. She was saved when she was seven, but really only discovered her relationship with God about four years ago.

In July 2012, Pastor Phillip Morris came to their house on outreach and they were the only ones in the whole neighborhood that responded and came to the church.  At the time, they were living together in sin.  Charlie told her one day that they must make it right with God and get married.  Jessica proclaims they were about to go separate ways, but God stepped in and a month later we were married.  They were attending church during the 22 month revival and even got married at the revival!    They were married on August 20th, Pastor’s birthday, just a little over a month after being at RCH.

Jessica married her best friend, Charlie.  They have known each other since the 7th grade. They have three children; Alayna – 14, Aubrie – 6, and Gavin – 9 months.

Since that time, both of them were filled with the Holy Ghost, healed, delivered, transformed, and continuing to receive the fullness of what God has to offer.  Jessica says that when she first attended this church, she was struggling with depression and loneliness. God healed her and she grants a lot of credit to the love that is reflected in this church. She says she has never met such genuine people like the people in this church.

Jessica and her husband, Charlie are both on the prayer team and Jessica is the Director of the Nursery.